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A natural approach
to well-being



Natalija Brumec

remedial massage therapist,

yoga teacher,

CIMI - international infant massage instructor and

bachelor in media and communication 

After years of flirting with a healthy lifestyle, holistic practices, and numerous courses on massage, nutrition, aromatherapy and yoga, Natalija graduated in Australia under Laureate International Universities in

Remedial Massage Therapy.

For more than 6 years now, her massage therapies have been helping people to achieve a better body balance.

She does her work according to in-depth principles of massage techniques, where a systematic body assessment, understanding of anatomy and a consultation, are an integral part of each session.


We are all unique, including people's lifestyles and habits, so every treatment needs to be tailored to your individual needs.


Come and see for yourself, 

that the key to well-being lies within you!

"... with a little help from me"





Sophia Gordon,

teacher, LONDON

Natalija has come to my rescue on numerous occasions in the past. She is a wonder worker when it comes to wry neck, sports injuries and twisted ankles. She is also incredibly attentive and intuitive; I feel completely relaxed and safe in her hands. I love how she invests in my recovery, always giving me stretches to practice at home. I always walk away feeling I've been treated like a queen, and my body thanks me (and her) every time.

Stephen Bayliss,

massage therapist, SYDNEY

I have been very lucky to receive treatments from Natalija. She has an amazing ability to pick up exactly what your body is needing; whether that be specific remedial massage on a targeted area or a more healing and intuitive massage that leaves you feeling incredible. Natalija is a warm and caring practitioner who I highly recommend.

Angela Slatter,

writer, BRISBANE

For two years I was travelling from Brisbane to Sydney every few months for work, and I always made a point of booking in for a treatment with Natalija when in Sydney. She helped enormously with my lower back and hip issues. Natalija is a professional therapist with a wonderful intuition for how to best help you and treat injuries.

Kara Leonard,

holistic therapist, DARWIN

Natalija has a genuine enthusiasm for personal growth and sharing that wisdom through her lived experience. In other words she 'walks her talk'. She is someone who shows curiosity in other people and has a great sensitivity to people's needs. This makes her a great massage therapist and a practitioner who understands that holistic perspective and approaches to healing works best. I highly recommend her services.



+386 70 567 467    |

1st Floor, Partizanska street 27, 2310 Slovenska Bistrica


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