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General terms and conditions

General information

For the purpose of the General Terms and Conditions, the Website is a term that covers everything at

This site informs you about the operation of the company, copyright, policy on the data collection, purpose and use of personal information obtained from users of this site and the use of cookies.


Company details



Natalija Brumec s.p.

Partizanska street 27

1st Floor

2310 Slovenska Bistrica

Phone.: +386 70 567 467


Email address: - email for questions, comments, feedback


  • Registration number: 8649499000


  • Tax number: 17747414


  • Business Account Number - TRR:

What is the purpose of processing and using your data?

  • Your information is used solely for the smooth running of the company; booking / canceling of an appointment, insight into the progress of your condition, and planning any further treatments.

  • Appointment confirmation is sent by email, phone or SMS.

  • News and offers via email, only if you consent.

  • Participation in discount sweepstakes and draws, only if you consent.


We will only use your personal information things specified above and presented to you when you provide us with personal information.

The personal information that we process in accordance with this Statement within our website is solely for our own use. In no case will we disclose your personal information to third parties for the purpose of their direct marketing or sale nor for any other purpose for which was the personal information collected.

As an individual, you have the right to request an overview of your personal information and, under certain conditions, to have it corrected and / or deleted. In addition, you may exercise the right to restrict the processing of your personal data, the right to object to the processing and the right to transfer the data. If you would like to be deleted from our database please contact us via the email address above or in person.

Copyright protection

This site is the exclusive property of and any misuse, images, texts and other information that is part of this site is prohibited. It is prohibited to copy, distribute or otherwise use all of the above information without prior knowledge and express permission of

Protection of personal data (PII)


This privacy statement applies from 1 March 2020:

The privacy statement applies to the processing of all personal information at Zeleni Kenguru (hereinafter refer to as: the Company), including personal information about customers and other individuals who have visited our site or expressed a desire to engage in direct contact via email or web pages (hereinafter referred to as: the customer). The company and the site owner is the controller of the client's personal information.

The content of this statement may be modified at any time and its latest version is always available on our website. If there are any changes in the statement that would significantly affect the processing of your personal information, you will be informed by email.

What personal information do we process for business, ordering and cancellation purposes?

IP address


Name and Surname

E-mail address

Phone Number



The Electronic Communications Act has rules regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies for storing information or accessing information stored on a user's computer or mobile device.

The law does not prohibit the use of cookies, but it only tightens certain rules. These are rules under what conditions and how cookies and similar technology may be used. The purpose of the law is to familiarize the user of the website with cookies, and to be offered a choice by which the user decides whether he wants the website to alter their activities on the web in this way.

Cookies are small files made up of sequences of letters and numbers. Most sites store this cookies on users devices with which they access the Internet in order to identify the individual devices that users have used. A cookie is uploaded to a user’s computer when they visit a particular website. However, their storage is under the complete control of the browser used by the user, which may, if desired, limit or disable cookies. Cookies do not by themselves identify an individual user, but a computer that was used to access the site.

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